Services provided by "Surveyor Service" LLC


Qualified and high-quality service can be provided by the following types of survey work:


- Inspection of ships’ hulls and machinery equipment, damage to hulls and machinery.


- Pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections of the ships and floating objects.


- Appraisal (valuation) of ships and floating objects.

- Expertise of navigational accidents (incidents), including collisions of the ships, wrecked or sunken ships , fires, groundings, storm and ice damage, etc.


- Investigation and survey of damage to coastal structures: cranes, shore equipment, berths/docks/ quays, warehouses, etc.


- Approval of the ships/tugs and floating objects preparedness for towing operations.

- Control of packages / containers / tare condition for transportation of goods.


- Survey of the ship’s cargo spaces for the carriage of cargo, inspection of cargo holds readiness for loading.


- Pre-shipment inspection of cargo, supervision of loading, lashing and / or unloading of cargo. Inspection of cargo lashing/securing on vehicles.


- Loss prevention surveys: warehouses, shipping companies, different ships, boats and floating objects. Survey of objects to prevent damage.

- Survey of damage and damage assessment. Settlement of claims for damage to goods.


- Inspection of warehouses and storage spaces.

- Consulting and risk assessment.


- Expertise for Arbitration Courts.


- Analysis of the conclusions of other experts.


- Analysis of claims documents.


- Inspection of production equipment at enterprises.


- Investigation and survey of damage at enterprises, in warehouses, hotels, offices, etc. after natural disasters, fire, unlawful actions, determining the extent of damage.


- Providing of survey service in other countries, coordinating the activities of surveyors of subcontracting organizations.


After preliminary arrangement, our company can provide the following survey service:

Draft survey;

- Bunker survey;


- Sampling of fuel/ballast/cargo;

- Test of cargo hatch covers for watertightness.