About General Director


The company is managed by Captain Volkov Oleg, who has been working in the field of survey service for 15 years.


Volkov Oleg in 1984 graduated from the Leningrad Admiral Makarov Higher Marine Engineering College., specialty "Navigation at sea".


After graduation of Marine College, he moved to “Baltic Shipping Company”, where he worked until 1994 and came there to the position of chief officer. As a ship’s officer he worked on ships of various types, including Lo-Ro and Ro-Ro cargo ships.


In 1994 he moved to “Interorient Navigation Co. Ltd”; Limassol, Cyprus, where in 1996 he was promoted to captain of the m/v "Alessia R" (former m/v "Kostroma", Baltic Shipping Company).


His marine service had ended in 2000, when he moved to work to “Norgas Carriers”, St. Petersburg branch, as a senior recruitment manager for the ships of company.


When his contract had ended in 2001, he moved to the Makarov Training Center of the State Maritime Academy, St. Petersburg, for the position of the head of training programs. During the work at the Training Center, he was engaged in the investigations of navigation accidents on the Transas training simulator.


In 2002, he joined to the survey company Marinex ITS, St. Petersburg, and then in 2003 he moved to another well-known survey company, where from 2007 to March 2017 he was deputy of general director also performing different survey works.


During the past 15 years in survey activities, Captain Volkov worked at the requests of many foreign insurance companies, insurance associations and insurance brokers, P & I Clubs and their management companies, insurance brokers and adjusters, as well as for the Russian insurance companies.


He worked according to applications of Allianz Marine & Aviation Versicherungs- AG, WK Webster, Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer eV, Zeller Associates, AIG, Scandia, IF, Steamship Mutual, British Marine, The Swedish Club, North of England P & I Association Ltd., West of England Insurance Services (Luxembourg) SA, Ship Owners Protection Ltd., Dupi Rotterdam, Raets Marine Insurance BV, Charles Taylor & Co.Ltd., Marsh GmbH, Junge & Co, UK P & I, Sogaz, Rosgosstrah, Ingosstrah, RESO-Garantia, Transneft Insurance, Renaissance Insurance, Alfa Insurance, Soglasie, Military Insurance Company, Allianz, Uralsib, Progress-Garant, and others.